COVID-19 Update


Good Evening Caroline County Little League Players, Family, and Supporters,

Last night, the CCLL Board of Directors met to discuss our plans for the upcoming season.  As many of you know Little League International has cancelled the International Tournaments, including the Little League World Series.  The Virginia State Association canceled the State Tournaments a few days later.  District 15 has discussed holding an end of season “all-star” type tournament.  The details for this tournament have not been completely decided, nor dates and we will keep you updated in regards to that.  

The CCLL board has decided to move forward with a season that will span from when we can start (hopefully June 11th based on the Governor lifting restrictions) to a date to be determined this fall.  At this time, we are not planning on having a fall season.   We are aware that families may have vacations or other activities planned for this summer and we want to be respectful of those engagements.  That is the reason why we are stretching the season out to accommodate this.  In a normal Spring season, we definitely have a hard end date for all-stars that does not allow us the flexibility we now have.   There are no minimum game requirements for this season.

Many folks will ask us about safety in this COVID-19 environment.  Little League has made some suggestions as well as USSSA and we are combing those guidelines to come up with our plan.  These plans are fluid and we would appreciate your feedback and suggestions:

1-We will require social distancing at practices and at games.  This will include players and their families.  Coaches will be advised on how to conduct practices to be as safe as possible.  These coaches in younger divisions will need more volunteers to assist with our youngest players needing instruction.

2-During games, when a team is at bat, we will put the batting team’s players in both dugouts in an attempt to separate them.  In the Minors division and below, we will put all defensive players on the field.  In Majors and above, we will discuss placing bench players outside of the fence area.  In the lower divisions, that will require additional volunteers to assist the coaches in keeping the players under control.

3-We will request that all players have their own water bottles.  We will remove team water coolers from the dugout.  We are also banning sunflower seeds.

4-We are giving the umpires the opportunity to call balls and strikes from behind the pitcher’s mound.

5-Players will have the option to wear masks and other PPE devices, but they are not required.

6-If a player tests positive for COVID-19 during the season, we will notify CCLL via Facebook and email, advising of the team the player plays on, the teams they have recently played, as well as nights played.  Our goal is to be as transparent as possible in regards to a positive test.  We will obviously not name the player, only the team.  As this plan of communication evolves and is updated, we will communicate it via Facebook and email.

Going forward with the season will require parents communicating with the league if a player or anyone in their immediate family tests positive for COVID-19.  This also requires a common sense approach to the health of all people (children, parents, grandparents, spectators, volunteers), keeping your child at home if they or anyone in your family has symptoms.  

If a family would like to request a refund, please notify us via email or Facebook Messenger.  We will work out the details and issue a refund.  We would like to know of these requests by 5/31/2020.  We are also going to re-open registration for any players that would like to play now.  With the loss of middle school and high school seasons, we’d like to give these players the opportunity to play.  Registration will reopen within the next 24 hours with a close date of 5/31/2020.  Because we are also absorbing the fall season, parents who want to move a player into the division they will play in during the 2021 season should notify us of that request.  Based on how numbers look on 5/31/2020, teams may have to be modified/redrafted.  

All of our plans are fluid as the situation changes and we will make adjustments as we need to. 

It goes without saying that our goal is to restart the season as quickly as possible.  Caroline County Little League is an integral part of our community and we look forward to getting the season started.

Please continue to be cautious and take care of yourselves, your family and your neighbors.

Thank you,

David Fletcher


Caroline County Little League

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