We Need Volunteers!

Caroline County Little League is run entirely by volunteers. The league relies on parent and community involvement to be successful. Please consider volunteering for one of our fundraising events, concessions, or team level positions - or all! It's easy - just email us directly at [email protected].  Please be specific as to what division you are volunteering for, and if you would like to be a Manager (head coach) or an Assistant Coach.  We are also looking for volunteers for fundraising, board members, or just to help keep the park looking nice!

Volunteer Forms are Required for all individuals who have regular contact with the players during games or practices (ANYONE who enters the fenced areas).  Board members, team representatives, umpires, scorekeepers, and coaches must complete the Volunteer Application to provide information for a background check. If you are a returning volunteer, you must complete the form annually. If you are interested in being a Manager or Coach please also fill out the Manager/Coach Interest Form.



If you volunteer and umpire 10 or more games during the Spring 2023 season and have paid a registration fee for a child that played with CCLL, you are eligible for a FULL reimbursement of one registration fee.  That's right!  Please contact Kent Flippen ([email protected]) for more information, or email [email protected].  The reimbursement will be made once closing ceremonies are over, and the games umpired can be verified by Kent Flippen.  This offer is not valid for those who do not have a child playing in CCLL and have not paid a registration fee for the Spring season.

Volunteer Forms

Volunteer forms are below.

Here is the form for a "New Volunteer for 2023".

New Volunteer Application 2023

Here is the form for a "Returning Volunteer for 2023"

Returning Volunteer Application

If you aren't sure where you fall,  fill out both.

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